The Concept

The aim is to make everyday objects more functional and aesthetic.

According to the credo "form follows function" the C2H4 manifests geometrically constructive intelligence with timeless aesthetic demands.


Digital design using generative methods simplifies production.


Well thought-out cable routing and outlets at the table naturally meet the needs of the users.


The scalable design can be easily adapted to both larger and smaller tables.


Short production routes through regional craftsmanship.

The Process

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    The process

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    The process

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The construction

A. Tabletop

The high-quality MDF board from Faust Linoleum with linoleum coating convinces with its filigree milled face edge.

B. C2H4 Connector

DThe 3mm thick metal laser-cut C2H4 connector gives the table maximum stability with low material consumption.

C. Table legs

The aesthetic table legs taper to the foot and give the table a light character.

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D. Feet

The feet of the C2H4 table can be easily adjusted in height and thus ensure perfect stability even on uneven surfaces.

E. cable passage

The optional table outlet bundles all cable layers and guides them invisibly along the C2H4.


The powder-coated table frame and table top are available in many different colours.

The Team

ARCZINE is as much an exhibition space as a creative agency. A place of possibilities of ideas, of production.
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In Hamburg we say: Moin,

I am Hamid and responsible for the architecture and the parametric design at ARCZINE®.

Hamid Dulovic
Creative Director
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Hi there

I am Daniel and responsible for the spatial experiences at ARCZINE®.

Daniel Yaqub
Creative Director

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